Management, communication and coordination

The management team is here to help the partners achieve the overall project objectives. We also help the partners communicate their findings.

The management team is led by the Coordinator (Uppsala University) and the Project Leader (Novartis). Together with other management board members, they ensure the overall progress of the project and coordinate internal and external communication. We also ensure the consortium carries out its contractual duties.

We have three stakeholder advisory groups: One for patients, one for HTA-bodies and one for regulators. These groups ensure PREFER researchers get the input they need from stakeholders.

Decision-making in PREFER

The Coordinator (Uppsala University) and the Project Leader (Novartis) are responsible for the overall scientific and project-related management. Leadership is shared equally between public and private partners on all levels. Decisions on operational management are taken by the management board, while strategic decisions are taken by the steering committee.

The highest decision making body is the General Assembly. PREFER also has a Scientific and an Ethics Advisory Board. The coordinator and project leader make sure they have the information they need to do their work. They, together with the management board, ensure the overall progress of the project.

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