DIA/PREFER patient preferences workshop

How much risk patients think is acceptable for a given benefit? Patient preferences can give us answers, critical for developing medical treatments. In this Workshop, we will navigate through the patient preferences landscape, starting from the IMI PREFER project, exploring patient involvement in Patient Preference studies and showing practical implications in regulatory decision making.

Explore the value of Patient Preference studies: This workshop will provide you the full picture of using Patient Preference (PP) studies, from a new framework to measure PP to its potential integration in regulatory decision making. The sessions take you through the whole journey, including:

The motivation behind the creation of the IMI PREFER project and the necessity of a structured approach to Patient Preference studies

How are patients involved in the studies? Get a broader view with examples, scientific and HTA perspectives.

A New Framework for measuring Patient Preferences to inform decision making, presented by John Bridges, Esther de Bekker-Grob, and Deborah Marshall.

The path to integrate Patient Preferences in decision making, how to apply to regulatory, HTA’s and patient expectations.

A multistakeholder Panel Discussion looking on how to implement, challenges, opportunities and next steps.

This workshop is designed for:

Representatives of patient organisations, eager to ensure patient's voice is included in decision making.

Regulators, HTAs and payers, looking into how to include patient's voice and preferences in decision making.

Industry and Academia, motivated to consider patients in development and clinical research aspects.

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