The PREFER Recommendations in brief


Want to know why, when and how PREFER recommends that pharma, regulators, HTA bodies and payers assess and use patient preferences in medical product decision-making? In time for the 28 April launch, we offer a summary of the key messages from the PREFER Recommendations!  

PREFER redommendations in briefIn this brief, we explain when and why results from patient preference studies can inform decisions. We also describe how the PREFER framework should be used, how to involve key stakeholders, how to pick a method for your research questions, explore how participants’ psychological characteristics may offer important insights into preference heterogeneity, and how educational materials can support patients’ understanding. Or in brief, a plain language summary of the reason why we think structured patient input can improve medical product decision-making. 

Want to know more? Don't miss the presentations an the opportunity to ask questions at the launch event on 28 April. There is still time to register! 

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Last modified: 2021-11-10