PREFER: the first year


Wow! This is the singular word that comes to mind after reading the first PREFER report to our funders, the Innovative Medicines Initiative. Seeing all the completed and ongoing work shows what public and private partners can achieve through hard work and collaborative efforts.

Kristin Bullock, Eli Lilly
Kristin Bullok, Eli Lilly

In brief, we put support systems in place for data management and a project website, plans for how to communicate about the project and connect with the stakeholders we are writing our recommendations for. We completed a comprehensive assessment of methods used in health preference studies. We also interviewed 143 different stakeholders to find out what they desire, and expect, from preference studies. We also asked about their concerns and the requirements the methods used in the studies should meet. Finally, we wanted to find out if and when they could use patient preferences to make decisions on drugs and medical products.

PREFER also completed a review of “psychological constructs” that could influence a person’s preferences and decision-making.  We went on to develop guidelines for selecting which of these psychological constructs we will include in the PREFER preference studies. 

Josepine Fernow, Uppsala University
Josepine Fernow, Uppsala University

Looking forward, we are designing preference studies that include information collected from various stakeholders, and our other completed work.  We are developing a standard glossary of terms for use in all PREFER reports and publications.  We are also working to make sure all members of the PREFER consortium are aligned on the scope of the recommendations we will issue.

PREFER researchers have been and will be presenting and discussing results at conferences and workshops. Right now, many of us are also writing up the results for scientific publication so that you can find out more about what we are doing, and why.

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By Kristin Bullok and Josepine Fernow

Last modified: 2021-11-10