PREFER celebrates 2 years at annual meeting #PREFER2years


The PREFER annual meeting of 2018 is all about celebrating accomplishments. Hosted by KU Leuven and Janssen, the PREFER consortium meets 25-26 October to discuss our plan of action. The work we have done so far outlines what comes next: case studies, recommendations and further collaboration efforts. 

What we have learned about stakeholder needs, expectations and desires of patient preference methods will guide us through our upcoming case studies. With support from regulators, HTA bodies and patient advocates, PREFER will explore the preferences of patients with neuromuscular disorders, lung cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. At the annual meeting in Leuven,  the resources and what expertise needed will be identified. 

The PREFER impact strategy committee has an entire session to explore the impact issue. Gaining the insight of internal stakeholders on how to achieve impact in industry, regulatory agencies and HTA will be of great importance for the implementation of PREFER recommendations. 

Follow the meeting on Twitter using #PREFER2years.

Anna Holm

Last modified: 2021-11-10