Talking about terminology: PREFER glossary


In a project like PREFER, a glossary helps researchers by providing a common taxonomy for our day-to-day interactions. We have agreed on definitions for a number of terms that we use in reports and publications. The definitions in the PREFER glossary are written for expert stakeholders (people in academia, industry, regulators and HTA bodies). We are also working to develop video that explains some of these terms in plain language.

The glossary is a living document, and these terms should be considered working defintions for PREFER.The terms have been reviewed by one or more of our internal expert review panels for methods/methodologies, regulatory/safety, HTA/payer, and medical (with at least one member representing each core case study disease area: lung cancer, neuromuscular disease and rheumatoid arthritis).

The glossary has been developed by Cathy Anne Pinto (Merck, Sharpe & Dome), Meredith Smith (Amgen) and Eva Katz (Janssen), in consultation with Isabelle Huys (KU Leuven).

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Last modified: 2021-11-10