Miss our webinar on the value of patient preferences? Video now available!


On 26 April, the PREFER project organised the first in a series of webinars presenting and discussing results from the project. Want to know what a patient preference is? And how preferences are different from patient reported outcomes? You can now watch a recording of the presentations. The presentations covers the actors that make decisions throughout the medicinal product life cycle, and how they can benefit from patient preference studies. We also explain what we mean by patient preference sensitive situations.

You can watch the full hour on YouTube, or divide the webinar into parts.

What are patient preferences

In this presentation, Isabelle Huys from KU Leuven, sets the scene for presentations the value of patient preference studies for different stakeholders. Her presentation covers what patient preferences are, the difference between Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and patient preferences, and who stands to benefit from patient preference studies. She also explains what we mean by patient preference sensitive situations.

Value of patient preferences in regulatory decision-making

In this presentation, Mireille Mueller from Novartis and Monika Brand from JNJ explains the role that patient preference input can have have in regulatory decision making.

Value of patient preferences in HTA/payer decision-making

In this presentation, Irina Cleemput from the Belgian HTA authority KCE talks about the value in decision making by health technology assessors and payers.

Stakeholders´ needs towards patient preference studies

In this presentation, Rosanne Janssens from KU Leuven presents the stakeholder needs that can be met by using patient preference studies across the medical product life cycle.

Last modified: 2021-11-10