HTA-bodies and Payers in PREFER

The HTA and Payers Stakeholder Advisory Group provides input and advice to PREFER from Health and Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies and reimbursement agencies.

PREFER wants to engage HTA bodies and reimbursement agencies with different views from different countries. The HTA and Payers Advisory Group is coordinated by the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE), the Belgian HTA-agency. Other members are CADTH (the Canadian Health Technology Assessment Agency), NIHDI (Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) G-BA (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss, the German reimbursement agency), and LBI (the Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann Institute). EUnetHTA, the European network for HTA, is also represented in the HTA and Payers’ Stakeholder Advisory Group.  

The Stakeholder Advisory Group will ensure the needs and requirements of HTA bodies and Payers are considered in PREFER, both in the development of the project and the resulting recommendations.

HTA agencies and payers have different needs for patient preferences than regulators. Regulators have their main focus on risk-benefit assessment. But HTA bodies and reimbursement agencies are also interested in the extent to which the product meets a real patient need, the relative effectiveness of a product compared to the best alternative management strategy, the incremental costs-effectiveness, and specific patient, societal and organisational issues.

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HTA and payer advisory group composition

Coordinator: KCE

Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE)

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What is Health Technology Assessment (HTA)?

HTA-bodies are private or public organizations that perform Health Technology Assessments (HTA).

HTA is the systematic evaluation of the properties and effects of a health technology, addressing the direct and intended effects of this technology. This includes indirect and unintended consequences. HTA is aimed mainly at informing decision making regarding health technologies. HTA is conducted by interdisciplinary groups that use explicit analytical frameworks drawing on a variety of methods. HTA can help decision makers in making decisions about reimbursement. 

What are payers and reimbursement agencies?

Regional and national HTA bodies provide recommendations on medicines and other health technologies that can be financed or reimbursed by the healthcare system. This is done by Payers or Reimbursement agencies.